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November 19, 2012 / Damien Irving

Check out my bookshelf!

I was chatting with my PhD supervisor last week, when he idly mentioned that he was heading out to buy a new book called “How to write a better thesis.” I’m not doing much writing at the moment and I find most self-help writing books fairly generic and unhelpful, but while procrastinating later that afternoon I looked it up. Low and behold, the book is by far the most useful writing guide I’ve ever come across and will certainly improve the quality and structure my thesis.

The moral of this story is not that you should always pay attention to what your supervisor tells you (although that’s probably a good one too), but that often times we come across good textbooks not by trawling the library search engine, but via referral from colleagues. As such, I’ve decided today to start a bookshelf page on the Dr Climate blog.

If you come across any textbooks that you would highly recommend to others working/studying in the weather and climate sciences, leave a comment on the bookshelf page and I’ll add the book to the list.



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